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We are looking for M.S. or Ph.D students who have strong interest and/or experience in thermal transport, thermoelectric.

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(Figure. Schematic illustrating various approaches to expand the limits of thermal transport)

This can be accomplished with nanostructured materials, where in phonon wavelengths and their mean free paths can be tuned. (Kim et al. Nano Today (2007) 2, 40)

  Our group is trying to expand the limits of thermal transport—e.g. heat transfer through conduction or thermal conductivity—mainly in solids with nanostructure (please refer to the figure below). This could have great effect on daily life of people based on heat energy and thermal properties. Just like the invention of the transistor, it demonstrated external tuning of electrical conductivity and laid the foundation of information processing and the digital age. For application wise, we are investing our efforts to improve energy conversion efficiency of the thermo-electric (TE) device, which can directly convert heat into electricity (power generation) and vice versa (refrigeration), by manipulating thermal and electrical transport properties of the TE materials. We are also working on thermal modeling for heat dissipation and/or isolation in electronics to cool them down and in passenger vehicles to provide comfortable cooling.

  Feel free to go through our recently updated publications to see how we have been active in our endeavor in contributing to the society on energy.